6. Sunrise


  • Genre: Real Time Strategy
  • Time Span: 10 weeks part-time
  • My Primary Roles: Tools, Gameplay and Architecture Programming
  • Programmers:
  1. Jonas Erman (me)
  2. Robin Malm
  3. Martin Johansson
  4. Henrik Hansson
  5. Adam Politanski
  • Artists:
  1. Daniel Knutsson
  2. Jesper Nordström
  3. Emil Stålberg
  4. John Lewenhagen
  5. Massoud Bikineh
  • Languages:
  1. C++
  2.  C#
  3.  HLSL
  • Third Party Software:
  1. FMOD (Sound)


Sunrise is a Real Time Strategy game set in a beautiful african landscape. The player must survive and overcome countless assaults from armies of various shadowy creatures bent on destroying humankind. In order to win the player must make clever use of the different and unique tribal units and towers available to him, and gradually advance forward while attempting to claim the enemies’s dark temples, converting them to allied forward bases of operations. The game is won when the player holds all of the temples located on the map.




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