3. Operation Shamrock

Operation Shamrock

  • Genre: Shoot ’em up
  • Time Span: 8 weeks part-time
  • My Primary Roles: Gameplay and Architecture Programming
  • Programmers:
  1. Jonas Erman (me)
  2. Robin Malm
  3. Benjamin Fahlgren
  4. Martin Nilsson
  • Artists:
  1. Jesper Nordström
  2. Niklas Sandberg
  3. John Kollberg
  4. Massoud Bikineh
  • Languages:
  1. C++
  • Third Party Software:
  1. Haaf’s Game Engine – Renderering
  2. FMOD – Sound


A classic platform shoot ’em up style game, packed with action, explosions and gore! The player will be pitted against hordes of nazi soldiers throughout numerous exotic locations, fighting his way through the ranks of the nazi warmachine of the second World War. Confronted by a multitude of hostile combatants, undead nazi zombies aswell as demonic horrors, the player will have to make clever use of his surrounding environment and weaponry in order to prevail. The game also features a highly acclaimed two player co-op mode.




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