4. Sherwood Smackdown

Sherwood Smackdown

  • Genre: Turn Based Strategy
  • Time Span: 8 weeks part-time
  • My Primary Roles: GUI, Gameplay and Architecture Programming
  • Programmers:
  1. Jonas Erman (me)
  2. Rickard Andreasson
  3. Erik Nygren
  4. Adam Politanski
  • Artists:
  1. Emil Stålberg
  2. Johanns Larsson
  3. Agnieszka Mikucka
  4. Massoud Bikineh
  • Languages:
  1. C++
  • Third Party Software:
  1. Haaf’s Game Engine – Renderering
  2. FMOD – Sound


A turn based strategy game where forces of Good and Evil face off in legendary fights upon various battlefields set in beautiful landscapes. The player will have to win a series of battles in order to complete the game’s campaign. In between battles the player will be able to replenish his or her forces or hire new troops, aswell as purchasing upgrades and unlocking new powerful abilities, unique to every unit type. The game also features a hotseat mode where the player may challenge a friend to battle.




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