5. Raiders of the Galactic North

Raiders of the Galactic North

  • Genre: First Person Space Shooter
  • Time Span: 10 weeks part-time
  • My Primary Roles: Gameplay, Tools, Threading and Architecture Progamming
  • Programmers:
  1. Jonas Erman (me)
  2. Robin Malm
  3. Martin Johansson
  4. Henrik Hansson
  5. Adam Politanski
  • Artists:
  1. Daniel Knutsson
  2. Jesper Nordström
  3. Emil Stålberg
  4. John Lewenhagen
  5. Massoud Bikineh
  • Languages:
  1. C++
  2.  HLSL
  • Third Party Software:
  1. FMOD (Sound)


A first person shooter in space where the player flies a spaceship in a multitude of vast, beautiful space scenes. In order to complete the game the player has to complete a series of thrilling, action filled quests given to him by the Sarge, often involving epic space battles!




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