2. The Adventure of Albert Brimstone

The Adventure of Albert Brimstone

  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Time Span: 8 weeks part-time
  • My Primary Roles: Gameplay, Threading and Architecture Programming
  • Programmers:
  1. Jonas Erman (me)
  2. Jonas Mauritzsson
  3. Tobias Wingren
  4. Patrik Bertilsson
  • Artists:
  1. Daniel Knutsson
  2. Jesper Nordström
  3. Sebastian Vasselbring
  4. Wiktor Öhman
  5. Johannes Larsson
  • Languages:
  1. C++
  • Third Party Software:
  1. Haaf’s Game Engine – Renderering, Sound


A thrilling retro science fiction action game. The player takes on the role of Albert Brimstone, an adventurous scientist with a weapon proficiency that Gordon Freeman himself would only dream of achieving. The player will be tasked with exploring a set of mysterious caverns located on the Northpole, supposedly inhabited by alien creatures. Armed with conventional and alien weapons and technology aswell as an experimental, yet versatile Power Fist, the player will make his way through the mysterious caverns, while gradually uncovering the ancient alien secrets buried in the depths of the Northpole.




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