Life of a Dreadnought

Life of a Dreadnought

What is this?

Life of a Dreadnought is a 3D sidescroller game prototype made in Unity. This was something I created over the course of a few weeks during my spare-time some years ago.

Wanna try?

Click here to play. This will trigger a Unity player download, which must be downloaded and installed in order for the game to work in your browser, unless you already have it. Also make sure you right click and enter fullscreen before you start playing. Pressing Esc will cancel fullscreen.

Move: WASD
Aim: Mouse
Fire minigun: Left click
Block with shield: Right click
Shield bash: F
Jump: Space
Activate slow-motion: Left ctrl


Code, art, animations and sound was made by me or already existed in Unity, except for the core dreadnought model which was downloaded from, then modified and animated by me.




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